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About Roberto

With one of the most popular evening shows on commercial radio, Roberto is a world class presenter based in London, England.
With his vibrance, experience and passion, he’s in demand on radio, television, for voiceovers and live events.

Weight Loss

Roberto_Fat_ThinRoberto is a weight loss champion! Not so long ago he weighed in at more than 23 stone, now he’s more than 9 stone lighter! He didn’t lose the weight in a conventional way. Not having much luck on a treadmill or by counting calories, Roberto tried something different…knowing first hand how hard it can be to lose weight, and keen to help others feel as great as he does after dumping all that fat, he is currently writing a book on how he lost his weight and how you can, too! He’s also working on a weight loss app to help burn that fat off and get fit.


Image of RobertoRoberto is a presenter on the UK’s biggest commercial radio station, Heart FM, broadcasting daily to an audience of over nine million. He’s also on TV; after losing all that weight he moved out of your radio and onto your television. He’s interviewed the biggest names in music, from Katy Perry to Will.I.AM, hosted events at world famous venues including Wembley and The O2 and, as a DJ, partied around the world. Roberto is also a professional voiceover artist with his own studio, voicing projects for clients including British Airways and McLaren. Add to that his entrepreneurial flair; he’s director of two companies and has more projects in the pipeline.


How does Roberto relax? With a good movie! As a big fan of films and technology he built a home cinema, complete with projector, exquisite sound system and retractable screen. He’s a lover of cooking, dogs and flying, but until he gets his private pilots licence….he makes do with flying a drone in the garden!


Born with a hole in his heart, Roberto is a big supporter of the British Heart Foundation. Fundraising challenges he’s completed include running the London Marathon, swimming the Thames, the London to Brighton Bike Ride and a tandem sky dive. Always up for a challenge, Roberto is considering a wing walk for his next activity!

More about Roberto…

Radio Presenter
Television Presenter
Voiceover Artist
Event Host | DJ

Radio Presenter

With his passion for music and entertaining, Roberto hosts the national evening show on Heart FM, the UK’s biggest commercial radio station. His show starts at 7pm with the biggest Club Classics, he then plays the best tunes for your evening and brings you the latest music news. At 9pm, its all about the 90s in ’90s at 9’!
Prior to Heart FM, Roberto was a presenter on Hearts sister station, Capital FM. During his time on Capital, Roberto achieved the number one commercial mid morning show in London, interviewed the biggest names in music and was proud to be part of the team that took Capital FM national.

Roberto’s Radio Career

Roberto’s path to presenting to an audience of over nine million people on Heart FM started at university, not on a media course, but whilst he was studying hospitality management! Disillusioned with his future choice of career, he enrolled in a radio presenting course at his local radio station, Town FM. Following the course, he was offered his very first show, early breakfast!
After many 2am alarm calls, Roberto moved to present mid-mornings on Chiltern FM (now Heart Four Counties), he then headed to Oxford to present on Fox FM (now Heart Thames Valley), then onto BRMB in Birmingham. His goal was always to present on the station he grew up with, Capital FM in London, and in 2008 he achieved that goal and more.

Hear Roberto on Heart FM Monday to Thursday 7 – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 9pm – 1am.

Listen Live

Television Presenter

Having achieved his radio goal, and after losing more than nine stone in weight, Roberto moved out from behind the microphone to in-front of the television camera. You might’ve seen him on Channel 4, Sky Living or ITV. If not, here’s a taster of what you’ve missed…

Once described as having ‘the looks of a Dermot O’Leary and Olly Murs love child’ (he took it as a compliment!), Roberto is as much at home being a television presenter as he is presenting on the radio. Charismatic, friendly and natural; audiences warm to him.
With the ability to make those around him feel relaxed and welcome, watching Roberto interview is like eavesdropping on a couple of friends having a good old chat and laugh down the pub – interesting and entertaining.

Roberto’s Favourite Videos

Follow Roberto on Twitter to find out when he’s next on your TV!

Male Voiceover Artist

Roberto is a voiceover artist with his own broadcast quality studio. His warm, friendly voice is heard around the world. Whether corporate, commercial or e-learning project, clients benefit from his professionalism, credibility and experience thanks to his successful career in media.

Voiceover Samples

Voiceover Studio

Roberto can record voiceovers in his own professional broadcast quality studio, which clients can listen in/direct or record the session from via ISDN or ipDTL, or travel to a studio of the clients choice within the South East of England. His own studio consists of industry leading equipment.

Image of Neumann Voiceover Microphone used by Roberto
Used in voiceover studios around the world, the Neumann U87Ai is regarded by many as the ultimate voiceover microphone, thanks to its crisp, clear, unrivalled quality reproduction of the voice. This is the main microphone Roberto uses when recording projects in his studio. As a backup, he also has the Neumann TLM 103, the 87's little brother.

Image of an Avalon Pre-Amp, used in the voiceover studio of Roberto
The Avalon M5 Pre-Amp is yet another industry leading piece of equipment in the studio. Used to give power to the microphone, the M5 is one of the worlds most respected and finest sounding pre-amps.

Image of Apogee Logo, signifying equipment used in the voiceover studio of Roberto
Along with the microphone and pre-amp, the audio interface is a vital part of the voiceover studio. Using the award winning technology from Apogee, found in the worlds most respected studios, this converter is designed to deliver the purest recordings, without loss of quality, when converting from analogue to digital.

Image of Apple Mac logo, computer used for recording and editing in the voiceover studio of Roberto
Having been converted from analogue to digital by the Apogee equipment, the voiceover audio is then recorded and edited on state of the art Apple Mac computers using Pro Tools editing software. The audio can then processed and delivered according the clients requirements.

Image of two Presonus monitors, used in the voiceover studio of Roberto
Synonymous with high quality audio, Roberto uses the Eris range of monitor speakers from Presonus in his voiceover studio. Everyday speakers, like those on a stereo, are tuned to make audio more appealing. Monitor speakers give an 'untuned' sound so you hear audio exactly how it was recorded.

Logo of ipDTL, voiceover service offered by Roberto
Roberto voices projects for clients around the world, with ipDTL its possible for clients to listen in, direct and record the voiceover session as if they’re in the same room with Roberto, all in high quality audio. No extra equipment is needed on the clients part, just Google Chrome.

Looking for a voiceover for your brand? Enquire about working with Roberto by clicking here.

Event Host | DJ

From hosting events at Wembley Stadium to being flown around the world to ‘get the party started’, Roberto is an experienced, professional event host and world class DJ.

Event Host

With his vibrance, warmth and charisma, Roberto is a highly skilled celebrity event host, MC and compére. With his background in media and hospitality, he works closely with clients to aid the smooth running of the event. From corporate events to fundraising auctions, award ceremonies, launch events and music gigs, Roberto is a world class professional event host, MC and compére with the experience to help ensure the event is a success.

Having more than 10 years of professional event host experience, Roberto is as much at home in a small intimate venue with an audience of twenty people as he is working the audience from the stage in a stadium filled to capacity with eighty thousand people. Connecting with the audience and bringing his energy to every event, Roberto is comfortable working from a script, auto cue or add libbing as well as doing on-stage interviews and audience participation.

Professional Event host, MC or Compére bookings and enquiries via Coalition Talent.


Two words, Club Classics! Roberto starts his radio show on Heart FM with one hour of the best Club Classics, from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, AND he takes the Club Classics on tour! With a huge following of club classics music lovers and party goers, Roberto is available for corporate events and launch parties, along with club bookings. You’re guaranteed a good night as Roberto works the music and whips the crowd into a frenzy.

Ever since his first deejaying experience, at the age of just 9 years old (it was a school party, you’ve got to start somewhere), Roberto has been hooked on the buzz of playing the tunes, getting the crowd going and everyone having a good time. Little did he know back then where his love of music, djaying and partying would lead. From corporate parties on boats in Long Beach to exclusive clubs in Toronto, private parties in Mallorca and, of course, his home town of London, Roberto has been flown around the world to get the party started.

As a celebrity DJ, Roberto brings events and parties to life. Bookings & enquiries via Coalition Talent.

Roberto’s Blog

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As I’m sure you know, I used to weigh over twenty three and a half stone (150kg), about the same weight as a giant panda…or two adult men…or ten cases of wine! Basically, I was a big boy and I liked my food, a lot! One questions I always get asked is ‘how did you […]

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MashUp Luv!

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World Cup Final, WHAT?

World Cup Final was tonight, not everyone’s a fan so heres the question I asked on the show tonight… ‘Id rather do WHAT than watch the World Cup Final’…all you had to do is replace the ‘WHAT’ with what you’d rather do! Mine was ‘clean the toilet, with a toothbrush’….does it show that I’m not […]

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