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World Cup Final was tonight, not everyone’s a fan so heres the question I asked on the show tonight…

‘Id rather do WHAT than watch the World Cup Final’…all you had to do is replace the ‘WHAT’ with what you’d rather do! Mine was ‘clean the toilet, with a toothbrush’….does it show that I’m not a massive sports fan?
You came up with some brilliant ones…and some painful ones, from the tons we had in, these are my favorites:

I’d rather….

  • Hear someone scratch their nails on a blackboard - Max
  • Study my Occupational health and safety diploma its much more fun than the football - Tracy k
  • Watch a jedward concert - Jenny
  • Spend an evening with the in-laws - Steve
  • Rather do the worlds ironing - Elaine
  • Pluck my hair legs one by one - Lyndsey
  • Eat meat (Im a vegetarian) - Charlotte
  • brush my teeth with the tooth brush you used to clean the toilet than watch the world cup - nicki

Here are a couple of the proper ‘oouch’ ones that made me wince but didnt make it onto the show, to painful!

  • Floss with cheese wire - Josh
  • Slide down a razor blade into a bucket of alcohol than watch the world cup! - Shannon

……than watch the World Cup Final!

Thanks for all the fun, I’m back on Heart tomorrow from 7pm, starting with one hour of the BIG Club Classics…best way to celebrate getting through Monday, see you there!


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