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Pumpkins ROCK

Did you know pumpkins are REALLY good for you; low in calories, high in fibre AND high in antioxidants! That right there has inspired me to carve my very first pumpkin for Halloween….that and the fact the left over innards from the pumpkin give me a great excuse to make SOUP!!

Soup Lover

I love soup, seriously, could eat it any time of year! And, whilst it’s always nice dipping a big bit of bread with butter in the soup, all those carbs aren’t really great for the waistline and helping lose weight. I sometimes do a couple of rice cakes instead; I think it’s more the dipping ritual than what you dip, if you get what I mean.

Down to Business

Anyway, the plan this weekend is to turn this…

image of a pumpkin Roberto is going to carve and turn into soup for halloween into this…Carved pumpkin that Roberto is hoping to re-create, it looks proper scary AND this…image of healthy pumpkin soup Roberto is hoping to make with the innards of his pumpkin

Who’s doing what?

The wife is excited about the pumpkin carving side of this, me, the soup! After finding out pumpkins were a mini super food, I’ve been looking for something to do with the left over innards. Found this cool recipe for a low calorie, healthy soup. And the extra bonus is, it looks really easy to make (roast the pumpkin, mix up some garlic and thyme in a saucepan, add vegetable stock and blend, job done!)

Healthy Pumpkin Soup

With just under 300 calories and 1.8g of saturated fat for a rather large 600g serving, this’ll fill you up and keep you warm (although, it is very mild for the end of October, maybe I should be making a chilled gazpacho instead!)

Everything you need

If you want to give it a go here is the soup recipe. Let me know how yours turns out. I’m off to get carving and soup making. Oooh, almost forgot, if you’re new to pumpkin carving too, found this cool site with loads of stencils and a brilliant carving guide. Will report back on how good the soup is and pop the results on the usual: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Have a great weekend


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