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This week I’m going to need ideas of stuff to do in the evenings. Why? Well, I’m changing shows for one week(7th - 10th May), JK & Lucy, who normally do drive(4-7pm) on Heart FM in London, are on holiday, so I’m doing their show and Mark Wright is covering mine (Ring Roberto, 7pm - 10pm) - I’m not sure if they’re going to call it ‘Ring Wrighty’ or not, I think they should!


Its been AGES since I had a week of evenings to fill, what do you do with them? Ive forgotten!! Theres a part of me that would luv to just sit on the sofa, with the gf, and watch rubbish TV for a week…however, there is also a part of that thinks thats a massive waste of a week of evenings, plus there seems to be lots of rubbish on TV at the moment.


If the weather stays nice, beer garden with friends sounds good…although, I’m not drinking at the moment as training for the London to Brighton Bike Ride in June(cycling for the British Heart Foundation), so that could be a bit boring just drinking water, but nice to see friends.


Actually, now Ive mentioned that cycle ride, I should really get on my bike! Think its something like 52 miles Ive got to cycle on June 16th, so far Ive done the grand total of…..wait for it….drum roll please…..none! Seriously, I’ve not even ridden a bike properly for about 10 years! There is a real possibility Ive forgotten how to do it, might need stabilisers too, I’m not even joking! Could you imagine, how embarrassing would that be - grown man, doing the bike ride, with stabilisers on, not a good look..probably being overtaken by little kids zooming along. So, could spend the evenings trying out the new bike, Evans Cycles have donated one to me, which was awesome of them…I just need to get on it now!


I could dump all of those ideas and get on with work - still writing the weightloss book, its coming along, just slowly, could bash out some more of that! Theres the fat burn app, its all designed, I’m just working with the guys on finishing the videos and content for it. Then theres the kids books about dozy dog, the online security store and the pet treat idea….hmmmm, the thought of doing work with my evenings doesn’t thrill me…hang on, the phones ringing.


*10minutes later


That was my mate Jon on the phone, he’s just gone a bought a hot tub for the garden, show off…think Ive just worked out what I’ll be doing tonight, trying out the hot tub, sorted! I’ll worry about the rest of the week as it happens.

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