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We’re fast approaching the weekend, whoop whoop! Time to take a break from the daily routine of work, work and work! But, if you’re trying to lose weight and get fit, maybe it was your new years resolution, then there is a chance this weekend is going to be your enemy…in fact, weekends in general can be the enemy of someone wanting to lose weight. So, to help you through, here is a weight loss tip that works.

Why The Weekends Are Bad For Weight Loss

For most of us, weekends are about taking a break from the daily grind of work. A chance to kick back, chill on the sofa and take life easy…generally, not work. And that right there is why the weekend is bad for weight loss.

During the week you’re busy and you get into a routine – get up, have breakfast, got to work, eat lunch, come home, have dinner, go to bed…in a nutshell! At the weekend, that routine goes out the window, and you have more free time…that can lead to boredom and, if you’re anything like me, when you’re bored you eat, its something to do! You may kid yourself that you’re hungry, when actually, its just boredom. That is where this little gem will help you out, a weight loss tip that WORKS. How do I know it works? I’m living proof, it got me through many weekends when I as losing weight, and it’s SO simple.

A Weight Loss Tip That Works

Here it is, wait for it…mint! Seriously!

When you have the flavour of mint in your mouth, it’s got such a strong scent that you just don’t want to eat anything, a natural appetite suppressant. It works for dealing with borgry (boredom hunger), for getting you between meals and food cravings in general. Try it!

How To Do It

I ate mint leaves when I was bored, as well as stopping the hunger it also gave me something to chew. But you could try brushing your teeth (just don’t go crazy on that one), have a mint tea, swirl around some mouth wash etc.

Personally, I avoided having chewing gum (constantly doing it can lead to jaw issues) and mint sweets (in my mind, having a mint sweet to take my mind of hunger was counter productive due to the sugar/calories in the sweet), but each to their own.

No Dessert At Dinner

If you’re out for a meal with friends, and the will power to not have a dessert is lacking, take something minty with you to have as soon as you finish your main course. It’ll work a treat at putting you off having something sweet (no, mint chocolate ice cream isn’t the answer!)

Not Just For Weight Loss, Works For Saving Money

Instead of eating something when I as bored, I’d sometimes grab something delicious to drink from a coffee shop – Chai Latte, Toffee Nut Latte, Caramel Latte (trend here for lattes). I’d kid myself that it was a drink, so not that bad for you. Oh boy, was I wrong (even if you have a ‘skinny’ version)! They put some rubbish in them things, the syrup that’s loaded up with sugar being just one of them. If you get a craving for a drink, try mint tea or just chewing on mint leaves – you’ll save yourself some calories and money!

Good luck on your weight loss journey, if I can be of any help just drop me a line.


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