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Picture of toilet brushes unromantic valentines present Three days to go till cupid has his big moment and fires his arrows all over the place! Whilst that’s all lovely and romantic, the problem is, lots of guys are rubbish at present buying, and not just at valentines! what we think is a great idea ends up being the worlds most unromantic valentines present.

The problem is, us guys are just to practical. If you girls drop hints that you really could do with a new hover (for example), we aim to please, we think it’ll make you happy, because its what you want. It doesn’t matter that its Valentines and a hoover, you want it, so it’ll make you happy… is pretty much how we think…yes, maybe we need to think more!

Anyways, on the show tonight on Heart, we were chatting valentines presents that didn’t quite hit the romantic mark, following a friend of mine who gave his partner a bag of dirt for valentines! His thinking was as follows: she was Irish, the bag of dirt was from Ireland, she missed home, she could carry the small bag of dirt in her purse and not miss home so much! Shockingly, they’re married now!

Unromantic Valentines Presents - my favs

Here are some of my favorite unromantic valentines presents from the show:
[list type=bullets-black]

  • Amy S: The worst ones are always when they give you chocolate but when you open it some of them have already been eaten
  • Nicole J: Got a bunch of flowers from a guy I was dateing, and the card read “to a wonderful son, love mum and dad”. Needless to say the relationship didnt last long. Lol.
  • Katy E: I actually think that flowers and choccies are anti-sentimental. If my bloke turned up with flowers I’d hit him with them. Its so unthoughtful. Almost like its the easy option! I did have an ex who bought me a knife sharpener……….
  • Tina F: an electric can opener as ours had broken, needless to say he has never made that mistake again! still with him almost 30 yrs x
  • Tracey F: We were saving for our 1st house and my valentines prezzies were a pack of pegs and a toilet brush! Believe it of not we’re still here 21 years later lol
  • Deborah L: My guy gave me window locks!


The one I love most out of that lot is the toilet brush, I so know what the guy was thinking - he meant well, but sooo bad!

If you’ve got one that should be on the ‘Unromantic Valentines Present’ list, leave a comment below.

As for me, I love valentines, making a big fuss…cant tell you what Ive got planned, its a surprise…and not in the form of a hoover, she hasn’t dropped any hints 😉

Back on Heart tomorrow from 7pm, catch you then.


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