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As a kid, I wasn’t a big fan of Sundays - nothing ever really happened except going to church(I sang in the church choir - I was very angelic, where did it all go wrong, haha), doing homework(that, if I was clever I would’ve done Friday after school, however I wasn’t, and I left it till the last minute) and the odd relative would pop round and we’d all sit in the lounge chatting - well, mum and dad would chat to them, my sister and I would sit there, bored to tears wishing we were doing anything else….except homework!!


Back then(makes me sound like I’m ancient - I’m not, honest!) shops wouldn’t be open all day on Sunday. I remember my local newsagent would open for a couple of hours on Sunday morning and be long closed by lunch. If you didn’t get your paper, tough. Petrol stations only sold petrol, the odd dodgy pint of milk and a few sweets and the high street would be deserted - no shops open! The most excitement you’d get is an Eastenders Omnibus, or a walk in the park after lunch!


I’m thinking of how Sundays used to be as I get ready for this Sunday! Obviously lots has changed since back then, Sunday is now a day pretty much like any other day - the shops are actually probably busier and, if you’ve ever been on a motorway on Sunday, at certain times, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a mid-week rush hour!


This Sunday is going to be a busy and exciting one! I’m hosting Race For Life in Hyde Park with JK(from JK & Lucy) in the morning - JK is quite literally a little legend, top guy, looking forward to having lots of fun with him. Lucy by the way is running it, GOOD LUCK!! Then in the afternoon we’re all off to Heart In The Park, which brilliantly is in Hyde Park too, so getting there will be very easy!!!


I saw a picture of the set design for Heart In the Park today - its looked AWESOME!! Imagine it as like, a giant tree house of a stage! The stage is MASSIVE and to make it blend in with the park, they’ve got these huge trees round the outside decorating it. Theres a whole village area being put up too, with actual pop up buildings, like in a village - local pug, places to eat etc etc. its not even finished yet, but the place is looking brilliant.


As for who’s performing at Heart In The Park, well, few people you might’ve heard of - Lionel Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Stooshe, Chic and the person I’m really looking forward to seeing, Eliza Doolittle - have you heard her song ‘Big When I Was Little’? LUV it, got such a cool summer vibe to it, puts a smile on my face every time I play it!


Other than Elize, really looking forward to Lionel - what a legend - Dancing On The Ceiling, Hello, All Night Long. I’m hoping J Lo does some old stuff like ‘Waiting For Tonight’, ‘Jenny From the Block’ would be brilliant, LUV ‘On The Floor’ too.


Just checked the weather for Sunday - its going to be LUSH!!! Highs of 26, I’m thinking a few cheeky pimms would go down a treat whilst partying in Hyde Park, bring it on!!! Still fe tickets left, get them here.


If I can get any service, I’ll be tweeting from Hyde Park throughout the day, and Ring Roberto that night will no-doubt have a few calls from people who are there, maybe even a call from Lionel, that’d be grand!!


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