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To be honest, I’m not a massive fan of motorbikes! Yeah, they’re cool and go fast, but I’ve never had a real desire to get one or ride one…plus, of course, I have the comment my mum made when I was about 17 rattling around my head, ‘get a motorbike, ride a motorbike and I will dis-own you, they’re dangerous’!


Despite that warning, I decided to give it a go…and just not tell mum!! The way I saw it, I was in good hands thanks to the Bridgewater chapter of the Harley Davidson Club(theres like a million members worldwide) and it was going to be LOTS of fun!
Picture of Harley Davidson bikes
The Harley Davidson beasts arrive with a ROAR
The ROAR of the Harleys turned up around 930am. When I say ROAR, I mean a serious ROAR of engines and pure power. They were at street level, I was a few floors up, lots of other traffic nose around, but you could still hear that power cut through everything else.


First thing I did when I saw the Harley was to jump on! Man, it felt good. I never thought I’d call a bike beautiful, but it really was, with all that chrome polished, leather buffed up, such a beast of a machine. Id sat on a scooter before, and figured it’d be similar, nothing special, just a bike, two wheels etc etc . but WOW, you can feel the awesomeness of a Harley Davidson just by sitting on one. I’m starting to sound like a real bike enthusiast or lover, I’m really not! But totally see why people fall in love with this bikes and make a big thing of it.
Picture of Roberto on a Harley Davidson
Not gonna lie, it felt gooood just sitting on a Harley.
Long story short, the ride on the bike was out of this world! Cruising through the streets of London on this Harley Davidson was just brilliant. Okay, so London traffic isn’t the best for cruising  on a Harley, the open road of America would’ve probably been way more fun, could’ve really opened the throttle and let rip, I don’t think we went above 20mph, but none the less, it was superb. You can feel the power of the beast right through your body as your cruise a long, and that ROAR of the engine never gets boring.


I was on the back of the Harley to help promote Movember and its sponsorship by 3(the mobile network). If you tweet support for Movember or sign up online today(Wednesday 30th Oct) then you could get a free lift on one of a fleet of internet-enabled motorcycles such as the Harley Davidson I was on today.


The ‘LiMo Bikes’ are visiting London, Manchester and Birmingham during the week. Today(Wednesday) they’re going to be at the 3 store on Oxford Street in London. So, if you’re in town, pop along for a ride! You’ll LOVE it!


Todays journey to work, on the tube, is going to be SO boring compared to yesterday!


Picture of Roberto on a Harley Davidson 2
I could so see myself with a Harley Davidson…just for posing, haha
BIG thanks to Moggy, Fred and Steve for the experience.
Picture of Bridgewater Chapter of Harley Davidson Moggy, Fred and Steve
Fred, Steve and Moggy - thank you!
Have a fun one, catch you tonight from 7 for Ring Roberto on Heart.



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