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Tuesday morning after the bank holiday, coffee in hand, trying to get comfy and do some work but despite having an extra cushion on the chair, I’m still in pain thanks to something I did over the weekend, nothing dodgy, before you ask!

You probably know I’m doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride, on June 16th for the British Heart Foundation, they do amazing research into heart disease – did you know more women now die of heart disease than breast cancer? Seriously, its not just men. Well, over the weekend I cranked up the training a little bit….possibly a little too far!!!

On Sunday, I cycled just over half of the Downs Link - off road track, about 37miles in total. It was BRILLIANT, the sunshine was out, not many people around, got up some good speed and despite some hair raising moments involving mud, didn’t fall off - I find thats always a bonus!

However, two days later, I’m now in a little bit of pain - my legs are fine, my arms, back and neck are all fine, its my butt that hurts like hell! I didn’t notice it hurting whilst cycling, but man alive, I can feel it now! Can someone please tell me, why are bicycle saddles designed like that? Which evil person thought ‘I know, lets finish this invention off with a really uncomfortable seat’, that person needs a good talking too!

Before anyone says it ‘surely you’ve got enough padding back there to protect you’ haha….no, clearly I haven’t! Today it is actually like sitting on a razor blade, thats constantly being pressed on your skin, no matter which way I sit, its still there, no nice!

If you’ve done any long bike rides, the london to brighton or have experience of dealing with pains in the bum, please share the remedy, I desperate here!

Oh, and if you’d like to sponsor me and my sore bum on the actual bike ride, you can do that by clicking here and help raise money so the British Heart Foundation can carry on their brilliant work and help us all live longer.

Much luv, off to get comfy, think I could be doing my radio show this evening standing up!

Roberto x


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