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Dark Chocolate Brownie Confession

Picture of simple and healthy dark chocolate brownies...with sweet potato

Mmmmm, dark chocolate brownies

Okay, so before you start reading how to make these super delicious, simple and healthy dark chocolate brownies I have a confession: they’re actually called ‘sweet potato dark chocolate brownies’. Surprise!!!

If you’re doing what my wife did and pulling a funny face when I told her about these, stop! If the wind changes you’ll stay like that…and don’t knock ‘em till you’ve tried ‘em, right? They’re delicious, low fat, good for you and SUPER easy to make (there’s only three ingredients!!!)

I found these whilst looking for something to make in the kitchen that was a little different to normal brownies…basically, healthy brownies! If you don’t know, I lost ten stone in weight (about one hundred and forty pounds) and I’ve still got a HUGE sweet tooth. But never wanting to go back to being the size I was means I look after myself and am always looking for new ways to get the sweet hit, but without loads of calories and fat etc.

These simple and healthy dark chocolate brownies (with sweet potato!!) hit the spot perfectly! They’re great with a cup of tea in the afternoon to give you a little lift without blowing your calories, or as cheat day treat that’ll make you feel like you’re indulging a little (but actually you’re being very good and not undoing all that hard work you’ve been putting in to getting fit and losing weight!).

Why Sweet Potato?

Sweet potato is SUPER good for you: they’re a rich source of fibre, packed with loads of vitamin C (to help support your immune system) and vitamin A (helps maintain healthy skin, vision and organ function), good source of Iron and Calcium, they have tons of antioxidant properties to protect your cells against aging and disease, have natural anti-inflammatory compounds in them, help regulate blood pressure…you get the picture, right? They’re good for you!

I often have a sweet jacket potato for lunch with a bit of tuna mayo on top, its quick and easy. But I’ve NEVER thought about mixing it with chocolate to create a brownie….but WOW, it works!

Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

Dark chocolate has a ton of health benefits, too…but make sure you get a decent one, 70-85% cocoa (I made mine with 70% cocoa as find the 85% is just a tad to bitter for me). Dark chocolate has a decent amount of soluble fibre, is loaded up with minerals (lots of manganese which is one of the most important antioxidants in your body, helps with normal brain and nerve function, too…and more!) One study showed it actually had a wide variety of powerful antioxidants, in fact, more than most other foods! It’s been shown to help with blood flow around the body (which can help the skin, the heart, the brain, lower blood pressure)…its generally pretty awesome, in moderation. I say ‘in moderation’ coz its still quite calorific and has some sugar in it.

I don’t really eat much milk chocolate anymore, substituted it for the dark stuff. I have a few squares after lunch or mid afternoon. Not only tastes good but gives me a little lift and keeps me going. And, doesn’t feel like I’m being too naughty, if you know what I mean, with all those health benefits it’d be rude not to have some in your diet!

I couldn’t believe how easy these really are to make! Just three ingredients: 300g of sweet potato, 120g of ground almonds and 130g of dark chocolate. As for making them, took me about an hour in total (cooking time, cooling time and then mixing) plus chill time in the fridge. I made them the day before I wanted to eat them so they had plenty of time in the fridge.

Method to making Simple and Healthy Dark Chocolate Brownies

(with sweet potato!)

1 – Put the oven on and heat to 220C. When its ready put the sweet potato in (I used two medium-ish sweet potatoes. Topped and tailed them, pricked them all over and popped them in – no foil or anything).

2 – After 40 minutes take the sweet potatoes out the oven and leave them to cool. Whilst you’re waiting for the sweet potatoes to cool, melt the dark chocolate.

3 - When the sweet potatoes have cooled enough that you can touch them, cut them in half and then scrap all the sweet potato out of the skins into the bowl that has the melted dark chocolate. (I ate the skins after, real good for you).

4 – Add the ground almonds to the bowl with sweet potato and dark chocolate and then give it all a good mix. You want to get to the point where you can only really see a dark chocolate colour (none, or very little, of the orange sweet potato colour).

5 – Press the mixture into a square dish, flattening down and packing it in.

6 – Place in the fridge to chill. As mentioned, I did mine overnight, but def don’t need that long, an hour will do.

I cut mine up into small pieces (about 14 in total, little squares), each of my squares had roughly 82 calories. They’ll keep in the fridge for about 5 days.

Job done, enjoy your simple and healthy dark chocolate brownies…just don’t mention the sweet potato until after people have tried them!


Found the idea for these simple and healthy dark chocolate brownies from the brilliant people at Nest & Glow

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