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Its back, the EASIEST game on the radio! I’m talking ‘Mobile Phone Bingo’.

Image of cash to be won with Mobile Phone BingoIf I gave you £500 right now, what would you spend it on? I’m hoping some fun stuff, maybe a new outfit to go with a fun night out with your friends, a holiday in the sunshine, treat yourself to something lovely - massage, jewellery?! Like the sound of any of those?

Every night this week on my show ‘Ring Roberto’, you can win £500 off me to spend on whatever you like! All you’ve got to do is play Mobile Phone Bingo, and its sooo easy to play, let me explain.

At some stage on the show, between 7pm and 10pm on Heart FM, I will tell you three numbers, for example 6, 2 & 9. If those three numbers appear anywhere, in any order, in your mobile phone number you could win the £500.

If you’ve got the numbers, you need to text ‘Bingo’ plus your name to 82122. If the computer picks you, you win the £500, simple as that. No questions to answer, nothing complicated to, I’ll just call you back and give you the good news.

So, come on, tell me is it the easiest competition on the radio or what?

Make sure you’re listening tonight from 7pm to hear the numbers and get involved.






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