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Yes, its back, what I reckon is the easiest game in radio! Every night this week on the show, Ive got £500 cash for you to win with Mobile Phone Bingo thanks to the guys from Heartbingo.co.uk.


Picture of Cash
Show me the money!


Before I get into how EASY this game is and how simple it is to win, let me ask, what would you do with the cash? For me, £500 right now would help pay of a credit card bill(arrived in the post this morning, I was hoping they’d forgotten to send it this month), my mums birthday is on the way - love to get her something nice and spoil her rotten, and, of course, christmas is coming(I’m actually super excited by this!!)


So, I hear you asking, how do I win the £500 with Mobile Phone Bingo? It is really simple,  here it comes in 3 easy steps:
1) check out my show, Ring Roberto, on Heart tonight from 7 - and every night this week.
2) Some stage during the show, I’ll read out three random numbers
3) if the three numbers I read out appear anywhere in your mobile phone number, in any order then text Bingo plus your name to 82122 and you could win.


Simple or what? Theres no hard question to answer, nothing complicated to do, just listen and text. If the computer picks you, then I’ll even call you back and give you the good news that you’ve won the £500.


Things NOT to do:
1) Don’t randomly text Bingo to 82122 - its a waste of your money! The winner gets selected from the texts I get in from the second I give out the three numbers to the second the lines close. The winner is also selected from those texts that have the three numbers.
2) Don’t post your mobile phone number ANYWHERE! When we first did this game, some people(crazy fools) were posting there phone number on Facebook and twitter in the hope that it would some how help, it doesn’t and is a very silly thing to do.


Things TO do:
1) Listen to the show 😉
2) If the three numbers aren’t in your phone number, they might be in your partners, brothers, sisters, mums, dads…anyone you know! If you get them to text in, they might split the money with you, everyones a winner!
3) If you get a call from me telling you you’re the winner, sound happy! You wouldn’t believe the amount of people Ive rung who have sounded like there dogs just died when Ive told them they’ve won £500 pound! I’m often tempted to pick another winner when that happens,  if you’re not gonna be happy you don’t deserve it, but thats not allowed and everything is done by the book here. BTW you can check out the terms and conditions for the comp at http://www.heart.co.uk


Know you now what its all about and how to win, all thats left is to say……GOOD LUCK!! Got my fingers crossed for you.


Catch you tonight from 7 on Heart



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