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Lets clear up one thing right now, this post is not about worms that crawl out of your ear, yuk! As a big fan of all things to do with music, I was quite excited when I found out the legend that is Dj Earworm was doing a mashup for us here at Heart.

Well, its arrived and its a little on the epic, addictive side! Check it out at the bottom of the page! Since its been on Hearts website, people have asked me ‘who is this DJ Ear person?’

Dj Earworm is an American dj…but with a difference, he takes a bunch of songs AND the videos that go with them, mixes (mashes) them all up and creates a new tune. Whats so special about that? Well, lots of Dj’s do mashups but they usually only do it with two songs and no video…a bit like this, one of my favourites - Club Classics anthem from ‘Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ mashed up with an old skool anthem ‘Gat Decor - Passion’, check it out…


LOVE that tune so much, on the iPod when running, brilliant! Anyways, thats a mashup - two songs, mashed up together by playing one over the other, basically!

What Dj Earworm does is just a little bit more technical and creative than that, and the results are brilliant. DJ Earworm is probably most famous for taking 25 songs AND videos, then mashing them all up to create one new tune…in this case its called ‘United State of Pop’, the 25 biggest songs from one year mashed-up together to create a kind of review of the year in music. Theres a series of these, here is one of my favs from back in 2009, can you name all the songs though?

How many songs did you get? You must’ve got ‘Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling’, right? The one most people miss is ‘Jamie Foxx ft T-Pain - Blame It’ (wasn’t massive in the UK), catch a glimpse in the chorus at about 1:03, blink and you miss it. You can see more of DJ Earworms mash-ups on his youtube page.

Think you’ll agree, quite impressive stuff taking all those songs and videos then creating something brand new that actually sounds decent and looks good. And heres the one that started this blog post, the Heart TV MashUp!

Did you manage to name all the songs…obviously I got them 😉

Back on Heart tonight from 7pm, kicking off with the Club Classics! Catch you then


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