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Ive signed up to jump out of a perfect good plane, with a man strapped to my back!!! Yes, I’m doing a parachute jump, in less than two weeks *gulp*


I haven’t got a problem flying, really like it, wanted to be a pilot when I was younger and after saving up lots of money I even started to learn to fly a plane. My fear is coming from that bit where you’re about to jump out of the plane. The door is wide open, you look out and miles below you is the ground and all thats going to get you there safely is a big piece of material, thats not even strapped to you but the guy your jumping with who’s attached to your back!


I think the worst bit is going to be actually leaving the plane, every bone in my body will be telling me that this is the wrong thing to do - jumping out of a perfectly good plane into nothingness. Once thats done, theres not much more I can do but hope the parachute opens and we land safely.


Everyone tells me its the best experience ever and I’m likely to be hooked on it. Hmmmm, I’ll get back to you on that one.


I’m doing the jump with the British Heart Foundation, who Im a bit supporter of. You don’t have to jump out of a plane to help support them fight heart disease - which more women die of now than breast cancer - you can get involved in the Bag-a-thon, which is basically a brilliant reason to have an end of summer clear out of stuff you don’t want and give it in to your local British Heart Foundation shop. Check out all the details here http://promo.heart.co.uk/bhf/


On the actual day I’ll be tweeting lots about it @the_realroberto If youve done one already, get in touch and tell me what it was likehttps://www.robertoonline.co.uk/contact.html

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