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Trying to lose weight? Maybe you just want to eat well! Its going to be a HOT weekend, dont reach for the ice cream or ice-lollies to cool down - full of bad stuff and wont help with the weight loss. Try this instead….


Seriously, they are great and very easy to do. Keep you cool, one of your five a day and low in calories! Fantastic alternative to ice-cream when the sun comes out, and a great alternative to ice-lollies too. Perfect as a little snack anytime of day. I usually eat them after lunch, got a sweet tooth and this just hit the spot.




Hi, I’m Roberto, hello! I was once HUGE, weighed over 23 stone and wore XXXXL clothes. I had to buy most of my clothes online as no shop sold them! I lost over 10 stone of that weight - I didn’t spend hours in the gym, didn’t have an operation and I didn’t starve myself! Having lost that weight, experienced the ups and downs of weight loss, and how great it feels to lose weight, I’m now keen to help others get fit and achieve their weight-loss goals. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more healthy tips and weight loss advice. Also, theres the rest of this blog.


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