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Its been proved by people much cleverer than me that when you give something to someone, be it a present, a lift home or simply money to charity, your brain releases the hormone Dopamine which makes you feel happy.


So, if your Monday morning sucks and you’re in need of a lift that’ll make you feel happy, just click here! That’ll take you to ‘Robertos Riders’ just giving page, you can then give a little to support us as we do the London to Brighton Bike Ride on the 16th of June for the British Heart Foundation.


The page currently has a grand total of…wait for it…£0.00….we’ve only just set it up! MUCH luv will go to the person who kicks of the sponsoring!


I’ll say thanks in advance and that you ROCK! Have a good week, and if you know anyone else that needs a pick me up for a Monday morning, please feel free to pass them the link 😉



Heres the link again if you’d missed it above



If you don’t want to give your credit card details online, you can give via your mobile too, just text ‘LMNO99 £5’ to 70070.

Spread the love