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Fancy some easy money?

By ‘Easy Money’ I mean £500 cash that you don’t have to work very hard to get? Before you think this is one of those dodgy scams that’ll see you stuffing envelopes for ever, its not, promise! This is all above board and legit. Let me explain…

Mobile Phone Bingo on Heart FM

Ever night this week on my show on Heart FM from 7pm, we’re going to play a little game called ‘Mobile Phone Bingo’. I’ll give you three random numbers, if they appear anywhere, in any order, in your mobile phone number you could win £500 cash…see, easy money! Theres no questions to answer, nothing complicated to do, all you need is a mobile phone and to be listening to Heart FM. Does it get any easier?

How do I get the money?

Well, its really simple! Once Ive given you the three numbers, if they appear anywhere in any order in your phone number, just text me when I say so. Don’t text before, or after the closing time, as there is a good chance you’ll get charged but won’t be included in the comp. You can read the full terms and conditions at Heart.co.uk. So, when I say txt, just text ‘Bingo’ plus your name to 82122 - simple as that.

How do I know if I’ve won?

I’ll come round your place with a giant cheque, balloons and a fan fair…JOKE, although that would be cool!! Once the text lines have closed, the computer with pick a winner at random from all the eligible entries. If its your number that gets picked, I’ll call you back straight away and give you the good news - so you’ll know pretty much straight away.

What can I do with the cash

Theres a really good charity called ‘The Roberto Partying Fund’, you could give your £500 to that and feel chuffed that you’ve done your bit for charity 😉 Honestly now, once you’ve won the £500 cash you can do whatever you like with it, its yours - treat yourself to a shopping spree, a spa break with your partner (or best friend), pay off some bills, book a holiday (send me a postcard)…whatever, its upto you.

Should I post my number on Facebook or Twitter so you can see it?

If you want nutters to call you, then yes! Other than that…NO! You should never do that! Sorry to sound like a parent there, but seriously, its silly doing that! All you have to do to win the £500 is what Ive said above, nothing more.

I think that pretty much covers everything. If you’ve got any questions about Mobile Phone Bingo, leave it below. Catch your from 7pm tonight on Heart, fingers crossed you win the cash.


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