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All week long you’ve been super good – you’ve stuck to the healthy eating and had some real good workouts down the gym or maybe been for a few runs. Your clothes are feeling a little loser, you can see your dedication starting to pay off. You’re feeling good about yourself and achieving your weight loss goal….then the weekend kicks in!

What is Borgry?

Weekends for me were always the hardest when I first started losing weight. All my effort during the week to eat well and get fit went straight out of the window, mainly due to borgry (boredom hunger)

You know how it is, maybe you’re chilling on the sofa taking life easy. Flicking around on the remote but there’s nothing really on TV so you get up and head to the kitchen to grab a drink. Whilst the kettles boiling, you have a little look through the cupboards and fridge, you’re not actually hungry, just bored and having a look. Before you know it you’re snacking on something just because it’s something to do and it relives the borgry-ness!

It doesn’t happen so much during the week because you’re working, there’s stuff to do, you’ve got a bit more structure to the day.

Beating Borgry and losing weight at the weekend

What’s the answer? Work more, NO! Don’t have snacks in the house? Ha, not realistic if you’re living with family/friends who aren’t trying to lose weight. Keep yourself busy? Yeah, that’s a good one but it’s the weekend, you don’t necessarily want to be on the go all weekend doing things. Get better will power? If I could bottle will power and sell I’d be a billionaire.

For me, the answer was knowing what I was going to eat and when. That sounds like it was some military operation with precision timing, it wasn’t like that. When doing the shopping during the week I would be in a full on ‘get fit, lose weight’ mind-set that sometimes goes out the window at the weekend when you need it most. So, I’d make use of that mind-set and plan ahead with an idea of what I was going to eat at the weekend for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That way, come the weekend, breakfast was sorted – there was no having to think about it and be tempted by other options…or people saying ‘it’s the weekend, be naughty’ (not helpful). The same went for lunch and dinner. If borgry started to rear its ugly head, it’d be okay because I always know what was coming, that’d kept me on the straight and narrow, so to speak, and stopped me snacking.

If it got really bad, I’d clean my teeth – the mint flavour changes the food craving. Or, Id down a pint of water, that fills you up.

If you’ve got a favourite tip on beating borgry, let me know in the comments below. Always love hearing new ways of staying fit and losing weight. And don’t forget, theres more weight loss advice and tips here. And you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the latest.

Have a great weekend, hopefully see you at West End Live.


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