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Margherita Taylor and myself are covering the breakfast show on Heart in London whist Jamie and Emma are on holiday, LOADS of fun working with the brilliant Margherita…however not so much fun with the alarm clock going off at 4am!

I love my bed and it loves me! Sometimes, the bed finds it really hard to let me go and tries to keep me all snug and cozy for as long as possible. It hasn’t made me late, yet, but I’m sure that if it could, it would keep me tucked up all day!!! 😉

Total respect to Jamie and Emma, and everyone else who gets up in the middle of the night for work! How you do it everyday is beyond me, you legends, I feel like a zombie come midday. How Margherita manages to look so awesome at silly o’clock in the morning, and stay that way during the day, I do not know.

If we could start the breakfast show at 10am maybe, that’d be much better - I think that’d be my kinda breakfast show! Maybe we should all start our working day later….light bulb moment! Imagine the working day starting at 10am, or later! You could finish work by 7pm, or something, then head out for a drink with friends, a chill out session at home or whatever you fancy, no need to rush around to get to bed early as you haven’t got to be up till later…..thinking I need to go and get some sleep myself now before I lose the plot completely.




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