Radio Presenter

image of roberto radio presenter in the heart fm studioRoberto is a radio presenter based in London, England. Most recently, you could’ve heard him hosing the evening show on Heart FM. He is currently taking a break from radio before starting a brand new show…more details being announced soon.

Whilst Roberto isn’t on the radio right now, you can still hear his work via the playlist below. Theres everything from Breakfast to evenings in there, enjoy!

With a passion for music and entertaining, Roberto has presented on the radio for nearly twenty years. He’s interviewed the biggest stars in music, partied with celebrities and so much more. But his radio career almost didn’t happen…

The Early Days

Before becoming a radio presenter, Roberto was all set for a career in hospitality! He’d been through college and went to university, studying Hospitality Management. Whilst at uni he worked at a hotel in Borehamwood, in conference and banqueting, and then moved onto TFI Fridays in Enfield, where he trained as a waiter and bartender. As a fan of the film ‘Cocktail’ he was drawn to the bar and learnt to flair like Tom Cruise! At the age of 20, Roberto was about to head into management training at TGI Fridays. However, an advert he spotted on cable television changed that plan.

Roberto had always loved music and entertaining people. From a young age he was making music with household objects, putting on shows for his parents. Into his teenage years he sung in a choir, played the piano and guitar, and started building his music collection on vinyl and cd. At the age of 15 he started djaying at friends parties and loved getting people up and having a good time.

The advert he spotted was for a radio training course at a local cable radio station; learn how to be a radio presenter and produce a radio show. Signing up for that course changed his career path forever.

After successfully completing the training course, Roberto was offered the early breakfast slot on the station he trained at, Town FM. Everyone who worked there was voluntary, so he carried on working at TGI Fridays to earn money. He would finish a shift at 1am, then grab an hours sleep before heading to the radio station to present Early Breakfast, then back to bed ready for his next shift at TGI Fridays that night. It was exhausting, but he loved it.

The Presenting Goal

After six months of presenting early breakfast, Roberto was offered the breakfast show. Compared to early breakfast, the breakfast show was a lie in, with the alarm going off at 430am instead of 230am! From there, Roberto was picked up by the GWR group to host mid – mornings on Chiltern FM. Delighted at his first full-time radio gig in commercial radio, Roberto had a burning ambition to present on the radio station he grew up with in London, Capital FM.

That goal of presenting for Capital lead him to leave Chiltern FM (now Heart FM Four Counties) after just 6 months to work for the Capital Radio Group in Oxfordshire, on one of Capital FM’s sister stations Fox FM (now Heart FM Thames Valley). Roberto was back on Early Breakfast at Fox, but also covered daytime shows and, most importantly, he was a step closer to working on Capital FM.

Following a year of helping the early risers start their day in Oxfordshire, Roberto was poached by BRMB in Birmingham, to present Early Breakfast! BRMB was still part of the Capital Radio Group and in a much bigger market to Fox FM.

Capital FM

Following a year at BRMB, the Capital Radio Group merged with GWR and Roberto took the chance to have a lie-in, returning to London to concentrate on his career as a voiceover artist. He still presented on the radio, doing weekend shows at Fox FM and at BRMB, and also covering shows on stations including Invicta FM (now Heart FM Kent), Red Dragon FM (now Heart FM South Wales) and Southern FM (now Heart FM South Coast).

Roberto’s goal was still to present on Capital FM, the station he grew up with. After nine years in radio, many hours driving and down motorways to different stations, sending out what felt like millions of demos, Roberto presented is first show on Capital FM in September 2008.

Image of Roberto, radio presenter, television presenter and voiceover, in the Capital FM StudioHis first show on Capital was filled with excitement and nerves, but it went well and they invited him back to cover more shows, presenting overnights, early breakfast, drive time and weekend breakfast. Roberto eventually landed his own show, he was to host one of the biggest shows on the station; mid-mornings.

During his time presenting mid mornings, Roberto interviewed the biggest names in music, from Katy Perry to Lionel Richie, hosted at Capitals Summer Time Ball and Jingle Bell Ball and also grew the audience to have the most listened to mid-morning show in London. As well as that, he was one of the presenters that helped take Capital national!

Heart FM

Having reached his goal, built mid-mornings up to be the biggest show in London and helped take Capital national, Roberto left Capital on a high in 2012.

He moved to Capitals sister station in the Global family, Heart FM, to present the evening show and took on the difficult challenge of growing the audience on what is the biggest commercial radio network in Europe, with a weekly reach of 9.2 million listeners.

And he has delivered, RAJAR figures out in Feb 2016 showed Roberto has the biggest evening show on commercial radio in the UK and he has also built the audience up to achieve the highest listening figures for the Heart Network in over six years.

At the start of 2017, after nearly 5 years of hosting evenings, Roberto stepped down from the show. Still very much a part of the Heart family, his new show begins in March…more details to follow.

Where Next?

Roberto is passionate about radio and being a radio presenter. Its the kind of job that gets into your blood stream, and you miss it when you’re not doing it. With that in mind, Roberto will keep on presenting on the radio for as long as he can.

Outside of radio, Roberto is working on more television presenting – coming up with ideas for new shows and being in front of the camera. With his own experiences with weight loss, he is keen to help others lose weight and get fit, with lots of projects in the pipeline there too.